Early Stage Medical Device Company, USA: COO, Strategy, Operations, Partnering

Patrick Anquetil, PHD, MBA, Founder and CEO of Portal Instruments, Inc., writes: “Mark is the CEO’s COO and has had a tremendous impact at Portal. He is highly organized and a generalist at heart, capable of multiplexing between corporate strategy, clinical strategy, corporate organization and operations, business development, marketing, and finance. Highly recommend him as part of an early venture’s team.” 2016

Early Stage Cancer Diagnostic Company, USA: Strategy, Operations and Partnering

Mary F. Lopez, PHD, CEO at Nuclea Biotechnologies Inc., writes: “I worked with Mark on a consulting basis from 2015-2016 while I was COO at Nuclea Biotechnologies. Mark was instrumental in helping the Nuclea Senior Team craft a business plan and strategy for our cancer diagnostic kit products and our clinical lab services. Mark’s deep knowledge of the market space and his experience allowed us to move forward rapidly. During our productive time together, we attended key meetings addressing the pharmaceutical and biotech diagnostic industries and made many fruitful contacts. Mark provided expertise and guidance in many areas including the creation of pitch decks and presentations and financial business models. I would highly recommend Mark as a valuable consultant to any biotech or life science company; his contribution will certainly be invaluable.” 2016.

Large Specialty & Orphan Drug Pharma, USA: Merger & Acquisition Support.

Tom L. writes: “I have worked with Mark on several program evaluations recently in which we were required to come up to speed on the project parameters, test the assumptions of the proposed development and commercial plans, and create alternatives that enhanced the programs overall attractiveness.  Mark was quickly able to grasp the underlying concepts, synthesize new models that highlighted the critical points in the path forward, and provide effective presentation materials for communicating these important parameters.  Mark is well grounded in both drug development and commercialization, and is willing to challenge the thinking of others.  He delivered high quality work product in a timely fashion – enabling us to iterate modifications on the thinking within 24 hours on a number of occasions.  I continue to work with Mark as he is an excellent partner, and would be an outstanding addition to any project moving through development and into commercialization.”

Early Stage Gene-Based Diagnostic Company, USA: Strategy, Operations and Partnering

Stan Lapidus, President and CEO at SynapDx Corp., writes: “SynapDx is developing a proprietary blood test to differentiate autism from other developmental disorders in young children. Mark has been functioning as our COO for about six months. He’s done an excellent job at running all operational aspects of the company. He has been deeply involved in business modeling and strategic planning. He has my highest recommendation.”

Asian Biotechnology Firm: 48D Government Stimulus Opportunity

Dr. Wayne L, writes “Mark helped us on the process of the 48D government stimulus grant filing for biotech startup companies. He provides thorough and speedy service with his deep knowledge in the industry. We were able to complete the process from beginning to finish in less than a week. Thank you so much, Mark”

Medical Device Firm, USA: SBIR Grant Application

Paul G., Vice President at GWR Medical wrote: “I hired Mark to assist me on a Federal Grant Writing Project that our company, GWR Medical Inc., is pursing together with the Military. Mark was professional, timely and worked diligently to craft what I believe to be an excellent end product. I found Mark to be very easy and enjoyable to work with on this project. Mark made it his goal to ensure we presented a final product that would allow GWR Medical the best opportunity to be awarded the grant. Mark’s work ethic, availability and reliability made this one of most enjoyable and rewarding working relationships I have experienced. I would highly recommend Mark’s services to anyone in his area of expertise that is looking to gain a competitive advantage or craft that winning presentation.”

Israeli Biotechnology Firm: Seeking $10M Financing

Ray M., Executive Vice President of Target-In (Biotech oncology company) wrote: “I know Mark Philip by working with him in a consulting capacity during a search for venture capital financing for a startup company. He was a key member of the team that secured a term sheet for a $15 million Series A investment. Mark quickly assimilated the new technology and the business needs for the program and was immediately productive with a common sense approach to issues. His level of interest made him an engaging colleague who significantly improved our endeavors. Most importantly, his style of collaboration is forthright. He has a tactful and kind manner that compliments a direct approach to communication. It would always be a privilege to have Mark as a colleague.”