Tailored Workshops. Marketing Metrics: Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Marketing Metrics: Keep Your Eye On The Ball

A two-day course focused on maximizing the impact of marketing strategies by tracking outcomes that directly relate to the business goals, reviewing best demonstrated practices, alternate metrics for consideration, case studies, and tackling marketing metric problems pertinent to your business. Designed for middle and senior management groups, anchors all metrics in the strategic goals and key goals for the company, adapting for key drivers of the business. Helps managers focus on salient data and measures to ensure they concentrate and track those aspects of the business that will help the company achieve its goals.

Input form senior management prior to the class is required to tailor the workshop and presentations to the company’s specific needs and to the business sector in general.

Workshop Costs

Training classes and workshops are offered at a fixed rate fee (travel, lodging and incidental expenses are charged separately).