Tailored Workshop: The Strategic Planning Process

The Strategic Planning Process

The Strategic Planning Process Workshop is traditionally a 2 day course that helps the leadership team of a company work through a process to develop a powerful strategic plan for their business. If the intention is to develop a working strategy for the company, it is recommended that the workshop be followed up with 2-3 additional days of management interactions to develop draft strategic imperatives, provide for external critique and discussion, and to align goals and responsibilities as part of the action plan and execution of the company’s new strategic plan. This workshop requires significant input from the top management team and CEO prior to initiation of the course, and will require the management team to perform significant analysis and market research if it is not already in place.


  • 2 day Introductory Workshop on a Strategic Planning Process which defines the process, and suggests the types of inputs and tradeoffs that will be necessary to formulate a cohesive, aligned strategic plan in light of the competitive and business sector environment in which the company operates.
  • Full Strategic Plan service incorporating the 2 day Introductory Workshop and 2-3 followup meetings to discuss inputs and perspectives, develop strategies, decide on priorities, focus and action plans to implement the Strategic Plan effectively.

Workshop Costs

Training classes and workshops are offered at a fixed rate fee (travel, lodging and incidental expenses are charged separately).