Interim Management

As a serial CEO, I have first hand experience of being dropped into difficult situations, making a thorough assessment, working with divergent teams of experts internally and externally, developing a series of strategic options and recommendations, translating strategic goals into manageable, practical business, operational and marketing plans, and executing successfully on the plan. Examples of how I have helped other companies and how I can specifically help you, include:

  • Interim Management and Leadership: provide hands-on development of your strategy with you and your leadership team, formulate and direct practical planning and execution. By integrating into your team as interim management, Mark Philip Consulting can rapidly help identify the issues and install corrective measures, realign the team and focus the efforts on the critical tasks.
  • Team Building: executive coaching and organizational alignment.
  • Problem Solving: problem assessment, option development, and recommendations on a course of action.
  • Budgetary Efficiency: alignment of goals with development and commercial plans, budgetary constraints and the need to deliver results.
  • Financial Rigor: Needs assessment, business plan optimization within budgetary constraints, valuations, and fund raising, operational milestone and key business indicator development, and definition of key metrics.
  • Board experience: having served on several boards, I can play an active role on finance committees, audit committees, and human resource committees.
  • Flexible payment terms available: pay by the hour, by the week, by the month, or on a retainer basis.

Examples of Consulting Services Provided